Who Am I?

Well, broadly, I am:

a lover of cider, Stephen Fry, & gadgets. The Oxford comma & ampersands come in at a close third & fourth respectively.

And, manly, I am:

A terrible person who loves terrible puns and terrible “dad” jokes.

I.A.Q. (Infrequently Asked Questions)

Which part of your body do you consume the cider with?

My face, primarily.

How closely would you say that your life parallels the plot of the Mary Tyler Moore Show?

It’s almost eerie how dissimilar the two are.

I find your facetious nature charming and not at all irritating. Where else can I connect with you?

You can find me on these channels:
Twitter @shiny_sparkly

Instagram @shinysparkly

Pinterest /shiny_sparkly

My grown-up/portfolio site: ahnamacleod.com where you can see logos & branding and websites I’ve worked on like: triumph-hypnosis.com, flocboutique.com, fellowbyfloc.com & more

Infrequently Asked Questions not helpful? Give my Frequently Asked Questions a go.

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