Why Hard Press’d?

Mostly: my love of wordplay and lame puns. More substantively, however, because hard ciders have had a serious upswing in popularity in the past few years. You’d be hard pressed–even in Canada with limited availability–to try them all without a concerted effort.

Ok, but I meant why Hard Press-apostrophe-d?

100% because I like verb-ing words with the simple addition of an apostrophe-D. Later on I found out that Hard Pressed was already a registered domain, so I kinda lucked out.

Where do you pick up/purchase all these ciders?

At Sherbrooke Liquor in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Do you get these ciders comp’d?

That’s the dream! But currently: no, it’s a labour of love.

Are you some kind of expert? Why should I care about or trust your opinion?

First off, I don’t like your tone. That said, I can appreciate where you’re coming from. No, I am no expert. I worked in the liquor industry for a number of years and worked hard to refine my palate–and expand my tasting vocabulary–in that time. I hold no official credentials, but I do hold lots of glasses of cider.

Have a question that wasn’t addressed here (or, not surprisingly, in my I.A.Q.)? Get at me in the comments below.

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