Central City Hopping Mad Dry Hopped Apple Cider: a Review

Dry hopping* ciders seems to be all the rage right now. I saw Finnriver’s version in the local shop cooler some months ago and, at that time, it was the only dry hopped cider available ’round these here parts. This past weekend I went to check in and noticed a couple of new additions: Central City’s Hopping Mad and Cider Creek Hard Cider’s Cascade Hopricot.

After seeing these newcomers, I just couldn’t not pick them all up to do a comparison of sorts. Continue reading

Fat Chance Crafted Cider Review

Nothing says

Nothing says “Artisinal Cider” like a biker-pig with wings…

Huzzah! It’s time to review another Canadian cider. At bat this week is Vancouver, B.C.’s Fat Chance Cider Co.’s Fat Chance Cider by Fat Chance Cider Co. of Vancouver, B.C. I can’t seem to find who makes it or where it’s from, but rest assured I’ll let you know when I find out. *double guns*

The Colour: A little syrupy/filmy. A deep golden yellow with a slight greenish tinge.

The Nose: Sweet, definitely an old-apple/fermentation sort of smell. It’s rather lovely in an unusual way. It smells like Read on, Macduff…

Pommies Dry Cider Review


Pommies Cider: Alcoholic & Greenish!

I have been waiting quite a while to try this cider. I first heard about it this past fall from a woman who had just tried it on a trip to Ontario.  She raved about it so convincingly, that I was almost as heartbroken as she was that it was not (yet) available here in Alberta. I suspect that this combination of events didn’t do me any favours. As my mother always said:

“Enthusiastic recommendations from strangers + a long period to mull = unrealistic expectations of your cider.*”

*My mother has never once said this. Read on, Macduff…