Somersby Blackberry Flavoured Cider Review

Finn wanted to be part of the review process, I guess.
I didn’t drink the cat. I just drank him in…with my eyes.

Greetings Sports Fans,

It’s been a loooooooong week, so I thought I’d treat myself to an afternoon cider. Reserve all jealousy for the end of the review, please.

This go ’round I’m reviewing Somersby’s Blackberry Flavoured cider. I feel it’s important to note the vital stats on this one. VITALLY important, you might say. If you are less inclined to make puns, you would (probably) not say that.


  • Alcohol: Present! 4.5% ABV
  • Size: 500 mL
  • Calories: 55 calories/100mL
  • Brewed & Canned by: Carlsberg, in Denmark
  • Ingredients: Water, apple wine (water, glucose syrup, apple juice concentrate), sugar, apple juice concentrate, carbon dioxide, natural flavour, citric acid, potassium sorbate, colour.
    Contains Sulphites.

That’s a, uh, hefty ingredients list. I was extremely disappointed to see… zero amounts of blackberry listed. I guess that might fall into the “natural flavour” category, but that’s a significant way down the list (the list of apple concentrates!!) Maybe I’m just being picky today.

The Colour: The photo I took isn’t entirely accurate, as the dark wood shows through the cider and adds a warmth and richness that isn’t there in the glass. It’s an odd sort of green-y pink. If I could name the colour, I’d call it “Electric Watermelon”.

The Nose: Sweet. So sweet. Apple-y, but more in the fake-apple way than fresh apples (like those little caramel apple candies). It smells pleasant –a little like berries– and artificial somehow.

The Packaging: Pretty! The colour of the purple combines nicely with their standard pale yellow/forest green combo, and the subtle leaf motif is lovely. It’s tasteful, fun and current. A+

The Mouthfeel: Subtle. Micro-bubbly. I’m having a hard time describing the carbonation… maybe that means it’s good? It certainly doesn’t seem flat, and it’s not overwhelming. Subtle-bubbles. Subbtles? It leaves a noticeable syrupy film, though. I suspect it’s best served over ice.

The Taste: Sweet. Nice. Weird. My first few sips: just sweet and nice. Subsequent sips: sweet and weird. There’s a strange flavour that I can’t exactly place that you catch as it drops off.  It doesn’t list artificial flavours, but I’m picking up on a artificial-flavouring vibe.

The Verdict: I don’t dislike it. Glowing review, right?! For all the weirdness (syrupy film, artificial-ish flavour) it’s still nice. Certainly easy drinking. Given my druthers, though, on a hot summer’s day I’d prefer a regular Somersby mixed with blackberry syrup. Because I’m high-maintenance like that. Rating: 2 rolls of syrup film or: 5.5 outta 10.

Have you tried it? What’d you think? Give ‘er a rating and/or let me know in the comments below.

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