Strongbow Gold Review

Gold Strongbow

If you look closely, you can see the Finn nose prints and fur all over the glass. His contribution to this post, I guess?

To My Adoring Readership/Mom:

Apologies for the delay. I’ve actually had a few reviews written and waiting in the wings for a while now. I just didn’t post them in a timely fashion because, if I had, I would’ve missed out on the fabulous alliterative opportunity presented in the previous sentence. Also: I’m just a terrible, lazy person.

But I’m willing to overlook my own faults if you are (and, let’s be honest, I’m willing to overlook them even if you’re not).

I tried this one for the first time last weekend and decided to get back into the game with something fresh. Read on, Macduff…

Woodchuck Hard Cider Review

Woodchuck Hard Cider I haven’t been blown away (or even particularly impressed with) any of the ciders I’ve picked up recently, and have lacked the desire to write about my mediocre experiences– hence the month-long delay in posting. That said, I like what I’m drinking today. A lot. Lemme tell you ’bout it. How much cider could a woodchuck brew? Apparently enough to justify shipping some internationally. Woodchuck Hard Cider (5%) is a product of Vermont. According to their website, the ciderers (cideriers? is there a word for this?) have been perfecting their recipes over the last 20 years and have two other ciders on offer (which are not, it seems, available north of the border yet). Unlike some of the ciders Read on, Macduff…

Fat Chance Crafted Cider Review

Nothing says

Nothing says “Artisinal Cider” like a biker-pig with wings…

Huzzah! It’s time to review another Canadian cider. At bat this week is Vancouver, B.C.’s Fat Chance Cider Co.’s Fat Chance Cider by Fat Chance Cider Co. of Vancouver, B.C. I can’t seem to find who makes it or where it’s from, but rest assured I’ll let you know when I find out. *double guns*

The Colour: A little syrupy/filmy. A deep golden yellow with a slight greenish tinge.

The Nose: Sweet, definitely an old-apple/fermentation sort of smell. It’s rather lovely in an unusual way. It smells like Read on, Macduff…

Finnriver Habañero Hard Cider Review

“So Spice!”
-Finn, from that episode where he says “So Spice!”

As Finn says in one of my favourite Adventure Time sound-bites: “So Spice!”

Alcohol: 6.5%
Brewed By: Finnriver/ Center Valley Orchards, Washington.
Ingredients: Washington organic apples, organic habañero chillies, organic cane sugar

The Colour: Pale yellow. Verra pale.
Read on, Macduff…