Finnriver Dry Hopped Hard Apple Cider: a Review

[Part II in a series on hopped ciders, this post focuses solely on Finnriver Dry Hopped Cider. The Central City hopped cider review can be found here. A separate post is home to the Cider Creek review. Patience, friends. I can only drink & review so fast.]

I’ve only reviewed one of Finnriver’s offerings on this blog to date (their HabaƱero cider!) but I’ve tried others and been a fan of the cidery for a while. I like that they’re willing to take risks and play around with their ciders: when you think of hard apple cider, habaƱero and dry hops don’t immediately spring to mind as additives– but that’s how Finnriver do. And apparently, it’s that attitude that keeps them ahead of the curve; their Dry Hopped cider was the first I saw in Alberta. It was the beginning of an era… [CUE: sepia tone and player-piano music] Continue reading

William Premium (Certified Organic!) Canadian Cider (For Drinking) Review

William Premium Cider

William Premium Cider

It looks S’bowy.
It smells S’bowy.
But…does it taste S’bowy? And, more importantly, what the hell is S’bowy?

I’mma tell you straight up: this comes across as a Strongbow analog.

William Premium Cider‘s mouthfeel is a little different. It’s nicely carbonated (although if you’d asked me after my first sip, I probably would’ve said “aggressively carbonated.” That has more to do with sneezing upon taking a sip than the amount of carbonation, really. My nose hurts.) There’s a lingering “thickness” after you swallow. Read on, Macduff…