• Welcome!

    Welcome to my (not so) humble cider review blog! It’s based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, so it’s limited in its breadth of reviews to what’s available in the province. Thankfully, cider availability has been increasing exponentially over the past year or two. Alberta went from only really having the big players, like Strongbow and Magners ciders, […]

  • Cider Creek Cascade Hopricot Hopped Hard Cider Review

    [Part III in a series on Hopped Ciders. This post focuses solely on Cider Creek. Separate posts are home to Finnriver Dry Hopped Cider and Central City Hopping Mad reviews.] Here she is: the final post in my Hopped Cider Trilogy. This has been an interesting journey for me. Not being a beer drinker, the idea […]

  • Finnriver Dry Hopped Hard Apple Cider: a Review

    [Part II in a series on hopped ciders, this post focuses solely on Finnriver Dry Hopped Cider. The Central City hopped cider review can be found here. A separate post is home to the Cider Creek review. Patience, friends. I can only drink & review so fast.] I’ve only reviewed one of Finnriver’s offerings on […]

  • Central City Hopping Mad Dry Hopped Apple Cider: a Review

    Dry hopping* ciders seems to be all the rage right now. I saw Finnriver’s version in the local shop cooler some months ago and, at that time, it was the only dry hopped cider available ’round these here parts. This past weekend I went to check in and noticed a couple of new additions: Central […]

  • Hopped Ciders on the Horizon

    New cider reviews on the way!! Three different hopped ciders– interesting trend, right?! I’m looking forward to reviewing these [well, tbh, I already tried ’em but don’t want to give anything away before the unveil]. https://instagram.com/p/4-oWEjHg2X/